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Name:Meggan Szardos
Birthdate:Dec 22
Location:New York, United States of America
Meggan Szardos, when found, was known as the Monster due to her furred skin, bat-like ears and pointed fangs. Kept in a cage for most of her life, she was rescued by Kurt Wagner and Amanda Sefton and brought to the school. A true innocent, Meggan was a child-like figure with the ability to attune herself to various forms of energy and matter, and to change her shape. After her primary caregiver Amanda left the school in disgrace, Meggan was sent to live with her adopted family, the Szardos Romani clan. Meggan is a true bundle of potentiality, searching for her true shape - after more than a year away and now approximately fifteen years old, who can say what that might be?

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